Monthly Archive: May 2016

May 12, 2016


This morning we started the rounds st 7:30. They took labs and Kayleigh did great. We met with the nurse, nurse practitioner, and neuro oncologist. Kayleigh was checked out thoroughly and then we were given the initial report based on the MRI… It was not what we wanted to hear.

It appears that this is a fast growing high level tumor and it is intricately wrapped around nearly all of her brain stem. Because of the location it is inoperable. Other options are out there but none of them are proven. Radiation is our best bet to shrink it but that won’t get rid of it. They say chemo after that to try to get rid of it. So far they have not have much success treating these but this is a cutting edge research hospital so it’s the place to be. Much of the treatment after radiation will be experimental. So please pray that their every step will be perfectly guided.

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 am Kayleigh goes in for a high definition MRI. We are praying for a miracle. For a clear scan. And if the Lord choose not to grant that request then we pray for a very clear treatment plan, one that will grant our baby a long full life.

So friends, light up your prayer chains. Tell your friends, share her story, cover our baby with prayer.

This picture is from her first round of lab draws