April 30,2017

April 30, 2017

And just like that, April is over. As I go to sleep tonight, tomorrow is making me nervous. Tomorrow is May. May 2016 is when our world turned upside down. I am so incredibly thankful for the way our Lord has blessed us. He has carried us through some of the most difficult things a family can go through. He has been our strength and hope for the future. He has increased our faith through His goodness this last year. And yet even though I know all of these things to be true, I just don’t know how my heart is going to respond as we near the anniversary date of Kayleigh’s diagnosis – her 8th birthday.

I find myself digging into God’s word more and more. I know that by filling myself with Him, I am equipping my heart to weather the storm. But if I told you the storm I see on the horizon wasn’t scary, I would be lying. This is just one of those times where my faith will have to be stronger than my feelings. Where I will have to continue to remind myself that God is good, and His plan is perfect.

I am also thankful for the amazing Women’s conference I was able to enjoy this weekend. The Lord knew I needed to be refilled in order to be able to stand strong. It never ceases to amaze me just how good our God is!

Until tomorrow,

Oh how I miss this monkey!

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