August 30, 2016

Hello Prayer Warriors, we need your prayers tonight.

Kayleigh’s stomach issues continue tonight. Last night the Imodium finally kicked in and she had some relief and slept well. Unfortunately, this morning her medicine upset her stomach again but the Imodium kept it from being able to move through her system. All
Day Kayleigh’s stomach has been in a constant state of at least mild discomfort but spiking to intense pain and everything in between. As the day has continued the pain has increased and is more constant.

I called the on call physician tonight hoping to take her in but they did not want to see her. They called in some sort of oral drops to help with the stomach cramping but so far Kayleigh has had no relief. My tough little fighter has had more tears tonight than she has had in a long time. We need for her system to balance and for her belly to get some relief. We would very much appreciate your prayers joining ours.

Even through all of the pain and the tears she is still smiling and flashing her sense of humor. We are so thankful for our spunky girl. I know she is miserable but she is fighting.

Until tomorrow (unless something happens and we need more prayer),
‘Carrow 💜

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  1. Kim

    Praying dear ones. Ask doctor if you can give probiotics. They balance the gut. My guy has so many problems with his gut and that is our go-to, however, I don’t know if they will allow her to be on them with the chemo??


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