June 24, 2016

It’s Friday! Radiation #25 of 30 is in the books and we are home sleeping in our own beds tonight, hallelujah!

It’s a tournament weekend which means our lives will be complete chaos and we are going to be exhausted m but that’s ok. It’s the kind of chaos we miss. It also means my posts may be shorter than usual 😄.

Prayer requests:
1.) Complete healing for Kayleigh this side of heaven.
2.) For bad side effects to continue to stay away and that Kayleigh will have no more headaches.
3.) For all 5 of us as we try to remember how to function as a family. Kayleigh is so accustom to having Tim & I both 24/7 that she struggles sharing us with Cole and Grace when we are home. Of course Cole and Grace are without us all week so they need time with us. Those dynamics are proving to be a little stressful. We would appreciate prayers for balance!

We love you all –
Until tomorrow,

P. S. – it’s been a crazy day and I have no Kayleigh pictures. I did however get a new nephew this morning so you all get my “super proud aunt” selfie tonight! I will try to do better tomorrow!


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