May 13, 2017 – Happy Birthday Baby Duck!

Happy Birthday Kayleigh Blair McClendon! I know your first birthday in heaven was more amazing than anything I could imagine, but as far as earthly birthdays go – we rocked this one, Baby Duck! In true Kayleigh fashion we partied for two days, but this time it was with hundreds and hundreds of friends.

Most of you cannot imagine what it feels like from this side of things, and that is a good thing. I would not want anyone to have to walk this path – that is why the Prayers For Kayleigh Foundation is so important to us. We don’t want other families to have to suffer the same loss if we can help it. Today, we had our first fundraiser 5k & Fun Run. As I looked out at the huge crowed of people I saw love and support like nothing I have ever seen. And to be one of the recipients of that kind of love – I am so humbled, so thankful.

Friends from high school, college, softball, Facebook, church, the kids schools, and St. Jude were among the people here today. I told you I would share our amazing visitor tonight… Anna was here. Kayleigh’s Anna, her special friend from St. Jude, her battle buddy. Mike & Jodie loaded their car and all four kids up Friday morning and drove straight to Kayleigh’s birthday bash Friday night and were at the race this morning. Did I mention they live in Pittsburg??? Mike says it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump. But I think it’s more like a hop, skip, and a jump, and a jump, and a jump, and another jump!

Watching Anna today, it was so beautiful to see the sparkle in Her eye and bright smile. She is still battling side effects of the chemo and trying to gain weight but she is a fighter. She even ran & walked the fun run! Watching the video of her sprinting down the road, weaving in and out of runners did my heart good.

Once the race was over we enjoyed lunch with our friends, gave them hugs and they headed back to Pittsburg. Would you pray for traveling mercies, and that the Lord will continue to bless this precious family? And of course for Anna! Her last scans were clear, thank you Jesus, and now we pray they stay that way. Please be praying for her headaches to go away, nausea to subside, weight to come back on, and for peace without any fear!

This seems like the right verse for tonight. I know this family has helped us carry our burden and we will treasure them and their friendship always.

Galations 6:2
2 Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.

Happy Brithsay one more time Baby Duck. Your seven years were short but you rocked this world. You were the catalyst for change for so many of us, and we thank you for that. I miss you sweet girl, but I promise to fight hard for other kids like you and share the love of Jesus that gets us through each day.

Until tomorrow,


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