May 27, 2016 – Radiation #5

Radiation Day 5:

All Kayleigh had today was radiation at 9:00 a.m. and then we were free to go! Treatment went great, it was the fastest one yet! We weren’t in the hospital very long today but I was stopped twice, by two different people, to let me know what a great job Kayleigh is doing with radiation and how much they love her. One of them said “she’s such a little adult, we all just love her.” It’s nice to know they appreciate her spunky spirit as much as we do!

We are now safely home and looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Kayleigh will get to be the mascot of the softball field again tomorrow and after that we are looking forward to some quality pool time!

Kayleigh did have a mild headache this evening. I’m sure being tired from traveling, the excitement of being home, running around like a banshee, all combined with the decrease of steroids had something to do with that. Please pray that it was an isolated incident and that no more headaches or other side effects make an appearance!

Thank you for your prayers!
‘Carrow 💜

Here’s our crazy, happy crew all together again ☺️


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  1. Carrie Newby

    Love you guys and continually praying for you all!


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