May 29, 2016

Happy Sunday!

Like many of you we are enjoying this long holiday weekend. Our Sunday was filled with church, family and friends. After this mornings worship service we met my grandparents, Kayleigh’s great-grandparents, for lunch. It is always such a blessing when we are able to spend time with them. I certainly hope when I’m 90 that I am the same kind of people they are – kind, active, independent, and faithfully serving the Lord!

This afternoon Tim & I had the joy of going to a visitation for a beautiful woman we admired very much. Mrs. P was a beautiful woman who loved God first and served Him faithfully. The legacy that lives on in her children, grand children and great-grandchildren is one that is filled with love, deeply rooted in faith and centered in Christ. I cannot think of a better legacy to leave. When we made our way to the front, this precious family we love so much, stopped the visitation in order to pray for us. And not just the few of us together, the entire church stopped to pray specifically for Kayleigh’s healing. There simply are not enough words to describe the joy that overflows our hearts when the Lord shows up like that. I’m quite certain Mrs. P was smiling from heaven.

We finished up this beautiful day by relaxing with Tim’s family. Before Kayleigh’s diagnosis it seems like our schedules were always so packed that it was hard to make time for family around all of the activities. Our priorities are a little different now and enjoying unhurried family time is at the top of the list. Kayleigh certainly enjoyed preparing everyone’s desserts and generally being the resident princess.

Your prayers are working so please keep lifting Kayleigh up! The lowering of the steroids has not caused any problems. She is still doing well and showing very little symptoms – thank you Jesus!

Prayer requests for tomorrow
1.) Complete healing!
2.) Safe travels back to Memphis.
3.) Symptoms to stay away and for Kayleigh to continue to get stronger.

Thank you all for your prayers. We love you all –
‘Carrow 💜




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