July 6, 2017 – Changes

Hello friends!

As many of you know, I resigned from my job mid-June in order to run the foundation, spend more time writing, and taking time to build this new ministry. Through our journey with Kayleigh, God has allowed us to experience His amazing goodness first-hand. By the world’s standards, our story should be one of grief, defeat and despair – but because of our great God, this story is one of faith, hope, peace, and joy. Joy that needs to be shared. So many people around us are struggling each day, we want to be a light of encouragement and hope.

But we are still going to need your support and prayers on this new journey! Especially since we are learning and growing as we go along. My first question for you all today is about the frequency of posting. I think every day may be too much, is once a week better, or twice a week? Would you please share your thoughts with me? You can email your thoughts to dearcarrow@gmail.com .

Thank you for continuing to stand with us. This is Kayleigh’s legacy, one of hope.



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