Happy Birthday! May 13, 2016

It’s a good morning! Kayleigh started the day opening birthday presents, that’s always a good way to start your day :). Her MRI was scheduled for 8:00 am to be done with sedation but Kayleigh didn’t want to go to sleep and she promised to be still – so she did! She was done in the shortest time possible! I spent the whole time praying for a clear scan. I was actually praying that if they could see something in the beginning of the scan that it would be gone by the end. A miracle in hi-def, real time and color! I don’t know if the Lord is going to answer that prayer but I can tell you that Tim and I are at complete peace. We know it’s all of the prayers, it couldn’t be anything else. No matter what comes our way we are determined to be faithful and make sure God receives the glory for every good thing.

We are waiting now to talk with the nutritionist and then a consult with the neuro oncologist. Keep those prayers coming. I could think of nothing more amazing that a birthday miracle. I will update again as soon as we know more.

And yes, she is having cake for breakfast. I did make her eat the pineapple first!

Love to you all,



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