May 26, 2016 – Radiation #4

Radiation day 4:

Thank you Jesus for another good day! Today was a very busy day for Kayleigh. She had radiation, occupational therapy, an oncology visit, a pharmacy research trial consult, and physical therapy. Whew! She was a trooper all day long. Each stop we made the nurse, doctor or therapist each made a comment about how well she is doing – how her symptoms are decreasing and how well she is looking. They all seem a little surprised but as my friend reminded me today – of course she’s doing well, she has the power of God behind her!

As expected her oncologist lowered her steroids again today. We are so thankful for how the medicine has helped but we are quite happy to be working to get her off of those! We were also given the all clear to go home for the weekend. We are looking forward to a long weekend with our family being complete. Thankfully, it is now summer time for us so our older kids will be able to visit us more in Memphis as well. God’s timing really is perfect. We are seeing it in how every little detail lines up and we are so thankful for a God that cares about both the big things and the small.

Prayers for tomorrow:
1.) Kayleigh to continue tolerating radiation well – no bad side effects.
2.) Steroids to lower without and bad side effects.
3.) Safe travels home Friday and back on Monday. And safe travels for our kids as they come to visit next week.

Thank you for you prayers, texts, calls and messages. We appreciate all of the encouragement and support!

Until tomorrow,
‘Carrow 💜

P. S. –

Many of you don’t know us personally, so here is a picture of who you are praying for…
Dad – Tim
Mom – ‘Carrow
Sister – Grace (11)
Brother – Cole (8)
Kayleigh (7)
We are from Hartselle, AL

Kayleigh's Family

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  1. Lisa Hock

    Beautiful Family!


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